Optimum Solutions Employee Training in Singapore

32 employees from Optimum Solutions went through the Praxis Gameplay experience in Singapore, learning about the importance of proper financial planning. After the session, nearly half the participants welcomed a casual chat with financial advisors to find out how they could put their knowledge into action. Their CEO, Mr. Balawant Jain, joined in the fun too! Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“Thanks a lot for conducting this financial planning and learning exercise for our employees. I could see a lot of enthusiasm and energy all around. People enjoyed it A LOT and was good fun for everybody, and each one of them learned about the importance of proper financial planning, in terms of the real-life situations, employment, unemployment, unforeseen expenses like medical expenses, accidents. They also learnt the importance of buying property, buying stocks, with a good understanding of not over leveraging themselves but at the same time, investing in assets which will help them for their future financial planning. I’m sure everybody took away some good learning which delivers on the personal financial planning process. Thanks a lot once again”.