Every Praxis Gameplay can be customized to its specific audience, whether for students as part of their class, for companies’ employee wellness programs, or for financial institutions’ recruitment and training sessions, as well as for their sales and customer engagement.


The engaging Praxis Gameplay allows agents, advisers, or relationship managers to experience for themselves the importance of financial literacy, and how financial products benefit customers. This helps sales people realize the real value of this profession and want to take it on. When our clients use Praxis for recruitment, they get on average a 21% sign-on rate, more than double that of other means of recruitment.


Because Praxis Gameplays can be customized to incorporate any financial services product, it is an ideal and effective training tool for agents, advisers and relationship managers. It complements current training sessions to make learning experiential, entertaining and powerful. It also ensures more confidence when facing prospects and clients. Praxis gets on average a 84% knowledge and confidence rate from attendees.

Several financial services companies across Southeast Asia have brought about knowledgeable, empowered, and productive sales teams with the help of Praxis.

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Lead Generation

Praxis is a leader in demonstrating the value of specific financial products to potential clients. Because of the experiential Gameplay, clients experience the game in a fun and non-threatening environment, becoming aware of the importance of a specific financial product and are inspired to take action. Because of this powerful experience, our clients obtain significantly greater than market norms for conversion rates, up to 38% in agency, over 35% in bancassurance and over 80% in worksite.


72% of adults who suffer from money-related stress experience a decrease in morale and productivity*. It is opportune for financial services companies to address this need by delivering, with Praxis, bespoke Gameplays and engaging with employees thereby delivering personal financial knowledge and warm leads.

*information from American Psychological Association Report, 2015


As the youth today face overwhelming financial choices, it is best to instill in them the fundamentals of financial literacy to help them make the right decisions. At the same time, it is opportune for financial services clients to sponsor school programs to create powerful brand awareness and positioning.

Tens of thousands of students have experienced and benefited from Praxis across Southeast Asia. Help the youth become masters of money today by sponsoring Praxis programs in schools and universities.

Now everyone can master money.

Become money-wise while having fun! Discover your money potential by playing Praxis.

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