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Praxis® offers a fun, engaging and effective learning experience to anyone who wishes to master money. Through the realistic life simulation, the game allows users to easily draw practical financial insights and form good money habits.

It integrates common life events such as natural calamities, socio-political developments, and technological advancements, letting players understand and apply financial planning as they go through several scenarios in the game.

Gameplays are tailored for every type of audience and purpose and within all demographics and cultures.
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Wherever your token leads you, think twice and be wise in your decisions.

Remember that your life can change with every roll of the dice.

More than just winning in a gameshow, win in this simulation of real life by accumulating the most assets at the end.

Experience real-life scenarios in the game that will test and improve your financial prowess.

Start mastering money today! Play Praxis.

Confidently take full control of your finances in a risk-free environment.

Learn budgeting, saving, protection planning, and investing in the simplest way.

Take some risks! Maintain or upgrade your sources of income.

Go through the phases of the business cycle and experience how they affect your financial life.